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ENT Practice

Dr Majid Ghosn


Graduate Doctor of Medicine of the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) and graduate specialist in Ear, Nose and Throat of the University of Ghent (UGZ), with a perfect command of French, Dutch and English, Dr Ghosn has been practicing rhinoplasty since 1998. This operation is designed to modify the external structure of the nose. It may be motivated by functional reasons or by aesthetic considerations. The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic and may take one or two hours. The main distinction made is between open and closed rhinoplasty.

Dr Ghosn also practices endoscopic surgery on the sinuses to treat chronic sinusites, whether or not associated with polyps.


His skills also include paediatric ENT surgery, that is, surgery performed on the tonsils, vegetation, otitis (drains) and ear injuries or deformities (otoplasty).

The treatment of snoring and sleep apnoea also feature among the skills of Dr Ghosn, using the most advanced modern technologies such as radiofrequency and CO2 laser.

To remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the face, injections of Botox and hyaluronic acid are administered in his practice.

Dr Ghosn's performs his operations at the CHU Brugmann and in CHIREC.

Member of:
Royal Belgian Society for Ear Nose and Throat
European Rhinologic Society
American Rhinologic Society
Some photos of the practice:
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