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ENT Practice

Dr Majid Ghosn


ENT is a medico-surgical discipline concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting the ear, nose, throat and neck.


Allergic rhinites are known as a common cause of absenteeism from work, due to the fact that the symptoms that they can produce (fatigue linked with a poor quality of sleep, nasal obstruction and discharge, etc.), hence the importance of a correct treatment from the outset. If the medical treatment fails desensitization will be proposed.


The treatment of snoring by radiofrequency, cauterizing the velum (soft palate) is carried out under local anaesthetic and when well diagnosed, gives excellent results.

Examinations conducted in the clinic:

In order to direct the diagnosis and treatment, all kinds of very effective examinations are conducted during the consultation, such as:

  • Hearing tests: in soundproof booths for adults and young children.

  • Neonatal deafness screening: through oto-acoustic emissions.

  • Auditory evoked potentials: allows the recording of electric activity of auditory nerve pathways between the ear and the brain and, by studying latencies and amplitudes, exclusion of a tumour of the auditory nerve, multiple sclerosis, etc.).

  • Vertigo tests: caloric and rotary vestibular assessments with the advanced tool that is the Ulmer videonystagmograph allows analysis of the type of vertigo (Ménière's, labyrinthine neuronitis, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, etc.).

  • Skin allergy tests: conducted in the clinic to determine the type of allergy in fifteen minutes.

  • Flexible endoscopy: under local anaesthetic, allows simultaneous viewing of the nasal cavities and the larynx (for nasal polyps or lesions of the larynx). This test takes barely ten minutes.

  • Rhinomanometry test: this test allows objectification of the nasal obstruction and post-treatment curve improvement comparison.

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